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Christmas is Coming

I find myself needing a list of Christmas-themed words and phrases…

May Update

The latest news from the Clinic

Foul Play? A Definite Maybe…

Should we allow superfluous articles within an element of a cryptic wordplay, for instance the word ‘the’ in ‘middle of the day’ for A?

Barred Puzzle 1

The first in an occasional series of original, plain puzzles for your entertainment. We hope that you enjoy this one.

RIP Colin Dexter

The death of Colin Dexter sadly means the loss of another of the brightest lights in the clue writing world. He won first prize in Ximenes competitions on ten occasions, and lifted the Azed cup a remarkable thirty times.

Clues from the Woodstock Bus

Colin Dexter’s first Morse novel, Last Bus to Woodstock, has more links to the world of crosswords than might appear obvious