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25/0217 – New post in the Foul Play? category, prompted by a posting on the Crossword Centre message board.

22/02/17 – New post on clue annotation added in the Practice Notes category.

20/02/17 – The number of members so far recruited for the Superclue judging panel has increased by one (I realise that a decrease was impossible since the membership previously stood at zero, but a crossword of a thousand clues starts with a single letter…or something like that).


Our subject at the Clinic is crossword clues and our aim will be to have ‘something for everyone’, whether novice solver, experienced solver, aspiring setter or established setter.

For the relative newcomer to cryptic crosswords, we have three videos (each lasting around 15 minutes) in the Clue Movies ‘A’ series.

I’m pleased to be able to report that the Clinical Data section, with its searchable lists of abbreviations, anagram indicators, reversal indicators etc, is now complete.

The Foul Play? and Checkup features are now up and running, and the first article for a new area called Waiting Room, where as you might expect you will be able to find a selection of light reading, is now almost ready.

We will be introducing a monthly clue writing competition (with a prize!). We’d like to put together a judging panel in readiness (no prior judging experience required), so if you’re interested please see the Superclue page – I’m pleased to report that as of 20th Feb we now have one guinea pig volunteer, but more are needed!

The more content that we have (particularly if it hasn’t been written by me!) the better – the Contact page has information on making submissions. If there’s anything you’d like to see on the site, feel free to post a comment below under the heading ‘Leave a Reply’.

Doctor Clue, FRCC


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