Checkup Request 1


Can you help me parse this please?

Batsman unable to score many wuns worn out (6) WABBIT

From last weeks Mephisto. I gave up trying to parse it then. Worn out as the def but what else am I missing? Thanks

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2 Responses

  1. Hanni says:

    Ahh got it thanks 🙂 Cricket for me involves sitting in the sun at the Riverside! Yes one can imagine calling a cricketer a ‘ferret’ might be quite insulting.

  2. Doctor Clue says:

    A poor batsman at cricket (ie one unable to score many runs) is often described as a ‘rabbit’, the allusion being to a rabbit caught in car headlights (an even worse batsman is termed a ‘ferret’, as the ferrets go in after the rabbits). The idea here is that the implied mispronunciation of ‘runs’ as ‘wuns’ should similarly be applied to the ‘rabbit’, producing ‘wabbit’, which as you rightly say is defined by ‘worn out’