Barred Puzzle 1

We will be publishing occasional plain (not themed) puzzles on the site. This is barred puzzle number 1 – as we discuss in the Clue Movies series, barred puzzles are at the higher end of the difficulty spectrum and normally include a fair scattering of obscure words, so Chambers Dictionary is recommended (see the Library page for advice on editions). The only plain barred puzzles currently published regularly in the UK are Mephisto (in The Sunday Times) and Azed (in The Observer) – anyone familiar with those puzzles should find this one well within their scope. A printable version of the puzzle is also available.

We hope that you enjoy it. If you have any comments on either the presentation or on the puzzle itself, please use the comment form or send me a mail.



For a printable PDF version of the puzzle, click here.

This puzzle is © The Clue Clinic 2017 and must not be reproduced in entirety or in part without permission.

2 Responses

  1. Hanni says:

    Great puzzle, thanks very much Dr C! Favourites are 1 and 9a with 18d great fun too.

  2. Hanni says:

    1 & 2a are killing me! 🙂