Feb 2020 Update

Goodness, how time flies! I’m afraid that very little has happened on the site in the last couple of years, but I now intend to start updating it on a regular basis again.

I plan to add a series of posts relating to the devices which are available to setters in order to legitimately misdirect the solver, although I’ll probably touch on some which might be considered less than legitimate‚Ķ

Barbara Midgley has kindly sent me some additional information regarding the Ximenes competitors whose surnames appeared in Last Bus to Woodstock, and I will therefore be updating that article shortly.

I have been applying occasional updates to the Clinical Data section, but I plan in the next couple of months to carry out a complete review of the indicator lists, and to add some additional categories, in particular indicators which instruct solvers to use all but the first and last letters of a word (26/02 – the ‘Reduction – both ends’ indicators have now been added). Feedback is always welcome, as are questions regarding clue construction or solving, and comments relating to any aspect of crosswords and crossword clues. Please use the Feedback link on the top menu – note that comments from first-time posters are subject to moderation, but only in order that I can remove the inevitable invitations to purchase medications etc that I receive before they become visible on the site.

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  1. Good to see the site and its administrator extant. The Clinic is a valued resource for composition.