Azed at 2,500 – Deza Vu

With the approach of Azed 2,500, I have put together this plain puzzle which features eight of my favourite prizewinning clues from 48 years of Azed competitions. Clues are included from the two clue writers whom I consider pre-eminent during their respective eras, and no competitor is represented more than once. There is also a 1994 clue from Azed which shows him on top form, while the rest of the clues are mine – among them are a slight variation on the entry which scored my first ever HC (in 2008) and a later competition clue which was returned to me by Azed – much to my chagrin – with a blatant typo circled in red ink! I hope you enjoy the puzzle, regardless of whether you are relatively new to Azed or you remember all the successful entries reproduced here.

For a printable PDF version of this puzzle, click here.

To view the solution (with explanations and identification of the prize winning clues) as a PDF, click here.

With thanks to John Tozer for his superb Azed archive, to be found at

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1 Response

  1. Dansar says:

    Thank you for this highly entertaining puzzle.

    I hope it reaches the wide audience it deserves.