Clinical Data – Single Letter Indicators

Newly available in the Clinical Data section is a list of single letter indicators, including old favourites such as ‘duck and ‘kiss’, along with the entire ANSI spelling alphabet (‘alpha’, ‘bravo’ et al) and the letters of the alphabet whose names are themselves words (‘bee’, ‘see’ etc). Taken together with the single letter abbreviations in the All Abbreviations list and the selectors in the Letter Selection Indicators list these represent the vast majority of ways to indicate a single letter in a wordplay (though not quite all – subtractions are a possibility, eg ‘sit without it’ for S, as well as slightly unusual stuff like ‘letter twice found in bottle’ for T).

The page can be accessed from the Clinical Data main page, or directly here.

I would welcome feedback on the contents of the list, and therefore have left both this post and the new page open for comments.

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