Clinical Data – Drag and Drop Indicators

Prompted by a question from a correspondent, I have put together an initial list of ‘drag and drop’ indicators together with an explanation of how such indicators work. I would welcome thoughts on this list, and suggestions for additions, changes or deletions. With that in mind, for the moment I have enabled comments on the new page.

The page can be accessed from the Clinical Data main page, or directly here.

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4 Responses

  1. Dr. Daniel Price says:

    Note that the entry for “tail first” mistakenly suggests that one is to move “First letter to start”.

  2. Doctor Clue says:

    Hi David

    That one certainly works for me, and I’ve added it to the list – thank you.

  3. David K says:

    Nice list, thanks for adding it. Here’s one I used recently that you might want to add:

    Release aquatic mammal, tail first (7)

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