Azed 2,659 – Download

In the continuing absence of the puzzle on the Guardian web site, a PDF from a scan kindly provided by correspondent crossguesser can be found here.

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4 Responses

  1. Andrew Shields says:

    Thanks too, crossguesser. The new ‘Rules and requests’ rubric is intriguing. First for the fact that we can now enter by email; and second for the judging criteria. I wonder what has prompted this expanded text: the number of entries cited in the slip each month doesn’t suggest Azed has been receiving dozens of deeply deficient clues and feels the need to spell out what constitutes a sound entry. Is it, perhaps, a (desperate?) attempt to try and grow the number of entrants? When I first started competing, a typical competition attracted 500+ entrants…

  2. Ursula Wright says:

    Ta muchly…..

  3. Graham says:

    Hi, thanks to the unknown donor, much appreciated.

    • Doctor Clue says:

      Our benefactor was crossguesser, who will be credited in the notes when they appear this afternoon (nearly finished them, but I’m taking a lunch break!)