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From time to time I feel the urge to write about some aspect of crosswords, possibly because of something I’ve seen in a puzzle, or possibly because something has occurred to me that I think might be of interest. Or perhaps just because I am, as Paddington Bear sometimes records in his diary, ‘at a lewse end’.

I have created a separate blog thread  for these postings, and it can be found by selecting ‘Blog’ from the main menu.

I aim to post relatively frequently but with no defined schedule, and new posts will not appear on the home page; therefore I have set up a mechanism by which readers can, if they wish, subscribe to this blog only, in order to receive notification by email when there is a new posting. More details, and the subscription form, can be found on the Subscribe to Blog page. Note that the weekly Azed posts and items such as news about the site itself are excluded from the subscription mechanism but will be listed on the front page of the site just as they are now.

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