Forum Rules

Clue Clinic – Forum Rules

1. General

The Clue Clinic accepts no responsibility for content posted on the site by users, although it will make all efforts to prevent the posting of potentially offensive material and to remove such material as soon as its presence is known.

2. Users

2.1 Registration

Users are required to provide a username and a valid email address in order to register. All registrations are subject to administrator approval, and the administrator may seek confirmation by email of a registrant’s bona fides.

2.2 Cookies

The user management system employs cookies in order to make accessing the site easier by ‘remembering’ the user on a particular device. If you do not wish to remain logged on, or you are using a shared device, you should select ‘Logout’ from the Forum top menu or the side bar on any page. If you do not wish to receive cookies from the user management system, please do not register. In line with our general privacy policy, the cookies are used for no other purpose than your convenience.

3. Confidentiality

You should bear in mind when contributing to the forum that all information included in posts is publicly viewable. Should you wish to have part or all of a post deleted, please email the site administrator.  Should you wish to cancel your registration to the forum, please email the site administrator; your previous posts will not be deleted, as this would destroy the integrity of existing threads, although specific content will be removed on request. Every effort is made to keep registration details secure, but the nature of the platform means that this cannot be guaranteed.

4. Moderation

By using this site you acknowledge that the site owner has the right to remove users and to delete or redact posts at their sole discretion and without explanation.