Hidden Indicators

Hidden indicators tell the solver that the solution is concealed ‘within plain sight’ in the clue itself (eg ‘Naughty child is part of celebration’ for BRAT ). In addition to the indicators listed below, any containment/insertion indicator that suggests something being found within something else (eg ‘framed by’) can also be used; containment/insertion indicators that suggest something being placed into something else (eg ‘entering’) cannot. Hidden and reversal indicators are often combined, as in ‘Bags making a comeback in West End’ for NETS .

Date last modified: 18/03/24
Recent changes: (18/03/24) added string from/string in

IndicatorAlternative form(s)Type
amount ofStandard
component ofStandard
contributing tocontribution toStandard
cut ofStandard
element ofStandard
enclosure toStandard
extract fromextracted fromStandard
factor inStandard
fragment ofStandard
in some measureStandard
measure ofStandard
part ofin part/partiallyStandard
piece ofStandard
portion ofStandard
quantity ofStandard
sample fromStandard
section ofStandard
selection fromselection ofStandard
slice ofStandard
somesome of/to some extentStandard
string fromstring inStandard