Clue Clinic – Privacy Policy

1. General

This site is wholly funded and maintained by its owner and has no connection with advertisers, marketing organizations, or other third parties.

2. Data Protection

When a user of the site first leaves a comment, it is subject to moderation by the site administrator, following which the user’s email address is stored in order that subsequent comments can be published without manual intervention. These stored email addresses are visible only to the system administrator. Should you have used the comment facility but at some point require all comments linked to your email address to be dissociated from it, please contact the site administrator using the Contact link at the foot of any page.

3. Cookies

Cookies are small chunks of data which a website asks your browser to store on your computer so that the information can be retrieved at a future point (which could be minutes or months later). At a basic level these cookies are typically used to communicate between different components of a website and to record preferences expressed by a particular user (eg default language). On some sites they may also hold personal data (such as a username) or information which is used by other websites for advertising  or analytical purposes. This site, however, uses cookies solely for the purpose of making it work properly (and for remembering that the user of a particular computer has consented to the use of cookies).

If you agree to the use of cookies and your browser has cookies enabled you will not normally be asked to repeat your consent on the same computer for a period of one month.

4. Security of Site

The nature of this site means that in normal use no confidential information will be passed between the user’s computer and the web server, therefore the traffic is not encrypted. In the few places on the site where text not destined for public view can be entered, specifically the email field on the comment form, you should not enter any data the privacy of which you consider paramount.