Superclue The Clinic's Clue Writing Competition

The Clue Clinic’s monthly clue writing competition will be starting later this year. At the outset a filled crossword grid will be locked away in the Clinic safe; every month a word will be pulled out at random and will form that month’s competition word. Competitors will be limited to two entries each, and the clues will be judged by a panel*. After three years or so, we should end up with a crossword that has an absolutely superb set of clues! A review of each competition will be posted with comments on clues, but the authorship of only the winning clue will be revealed.

*at this point in time the judging panel is inquorate, the current number of members standing at: 1. Volunteers required! The only qualification is that when it comes to clues you know what you like – we will have a ‘technical advisor’ to ensure the soundness of the clues. The members of the panel will receive the clues but will not be told the identity of their authors; the panel members themselves will likewise remain anonymous. If you’re interested in being on the judging panel, please fill in the form below: