The codes used in cryptic crosswords Abbreviations and Indicators

At the Clinic we have put together a number of lists to assist crossword solvers, containing such things as abbreviations, anagram indicators, deletion indicators etc. For each form of ‘code’, those indicators which solvers are likely to encounter in any type of crossword are marked as ‘Standard’ and those likely to be found only in barred crosswords are flagged as ‘Advanced’. Because of the number of abbreviations, there is a separate list (Common Abbreviations) containing only the ‘Standard’ ones. All the lists can be searched and sorted, and you can select how many items you wish to see on each page.

The lists are:

Common Abbreviations

All Abbreviations

Anagram Indicators

Letter Selection Indicators

Deletion Indicators

Container and Contents Indicators

Reversal Indicators

Hidden Indicators

Homophone Indicators

Juxtaposition Indicators

Single Letter Indicators

Drag and Drop Indicators

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If you spot any errors in the lists or have suggestions for inclusions, please contact us using the details on the Contact page.